About the Film

amber originally wrote regular people as a short story about super heroes. a friend read the story and suggested she write more pieces that ended with the same last line, "they held hands, like regular people, and waited for the dust to settle." and so she did... and the project grew and grew until it was no longer about the fantastic, but the mundane: the realization that all people are strange, and so everyone, no matter how extraordinary on the surface, are also all just regular people.

amber and tim had considered collaborating on a project for some time, though they weren't sure whether it would be a film or a poem or a novel or a sculpture.  after reading some of the 'regular people' poems, tim suggested they make a film out of them and had amber pick and arrange five of them for a reading.  he contacted stitch marker to record the voice over and they began searching for a character designer.  as usual the process was a bit arduous with a few designers waffling about a bit before amber remembered she knew colleen, an up and coming comic artist.  would colleen take on the job of drawing the characters tim would animate and move about on the screen?  absolutely.  and so the production began.  Concept art, storyboards, test scenes, ink, color, keyframes, and hours and hours of rendering later, they had a something like an experimental film.  or a visual poetry reading.  or an animated comic with five scenes. 

and now the task of getting the film out there and the journey of finding an audience.